The Dodd-Frank Act passed by the US Congress in July 2010 (Section 1502) imposes on all Congolese mining companies a disclosure requirement that companies must determine whether their products contain conflict minerals – subject their supply chain to due diligence – and report to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

BSP/Geotraceability is the guarantor of due diligence in the supply chain. Endorsed by the Responsible Minerals Initiative, compliant with the OECD and supported by multiple stakeholders in the global mineral supply chain, BSP’s innovative approach puts every step of the mining process and the export path online.

BSP enhances market access for vulnerable artisanal mining communities and differentiates the responsible production of potentially contaminated materials in complex mineral supply chains.

How our traceability system works

Our supply chain is checked against 16 criteria aligned with the best practices of the OECD to ensure our compliance with the ethical standards set by the world’s leading regulators and with the general expectations of the market. We do this due diligence as follows:

Real time on-site risks and incidents monitoring
Thanks to a smartphone-based application, trained traceability agents monitor sites mining companies and trading chains, collect and transmit risk and incident data via a central base to participants in the supply chain.
Traceability of responsible production from mine to export
Our electronic traceability system tracks physical material from mine to export using barcode scanning.