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Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility

Our Social Responsabilities

SMB started operating in 2001. The city of Rubaya was non existent. Many people were able to benefits from the mine and the area has grown exponentially.  A 9 miles road with the help of the local population has brought a network capability that enhanced agriculture due to an influx of transportation means to the area.

Several people have been able to sell their products to the market in the town of Goma. Prices of beans, corn, potatoes, wheat have gone up due to the accessibilities of those communities. This is a win-win situation where the company and the surrounding communities were able to benefit.

In August 2012, SMB held a meeting with the local community to evaluate the progress and have a discussion centered on social responsibility of the company. While recognizing the benefit of the road constructed several years ago, they urged the need of a high school and clinic for communities around the SMB perimeter. The SMB board of directors vowed to establish a community fund (basket fund) that would generate enough money to build a medical clinic at the compound of SMB property and to renovate a school in Mumba. SMB has been talking to other stakeholders such as, USAID, UNDP, and IOM to work together in concerted efforts in helping these communities.

A hydroelectric power station is planned to generate electricity for the mine and the surrounding communities.  A feasibility study has been completed and SMB is raising funds for that project.