Business Ethics

Business Ethics

SMB has created responsible mineral supply chains that avoid contributing to conflict, human rights abuses, or other risks such as bribery.

In January 2019 SMB joined RCS Global Group’s Better Sourcing system ( Better Sourcing provides tracking and verification services for minerals originating in Congo allowing all stakeholders in the supply chain to monitor in real time the full process from extraction to exportation through a digital scanning system.

For the purpose of transparency and good policies and business ethics SMB will not support any employee who profit, contribute or help facilitate:

  • Any forced labor, or usage of minors.
  • Any form of discrimination based on ethnicity, religion or political affiliation.
  • Employment of women in the mining pits for the purpose of unearthing minerals, however, women are allowed like any other employee to apply for jobs available that does not require digging tranches in the mine
  • No employee who has been convicted of grave human rights violations, such as sexual violence, mass killing will be allowed to work for the corporation.
  • SMB buyers are required to be legitimate business owners with morals and business ethics; they should not be involved in money laundering or illegally selling arms to rebel groups.

Our duty of integrity

Through our activity, SMB has become the guarantor of the integrity and transparency in the operation of Coltan in Masisi. Thanks to the development of our improved traceability chain and with the support of our traceability agents, we have been able to significantly reduce fraud. All of our minerals are certified by BSP/Geotraceability, gaining the trust of our customers around the world who can source responsibly.
We regularly publish information reports to our clients, government authorities and civil society.

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