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AboutBisunzu Mining Company

SMB is an exploration and mining company with the largest deposits of Coltan in Africa. By fully exploiting the benefits and potential of its coltan reserves, SMB has the ambition to become one of the largest producers in the world.

  • A national coltan extraction company with high profitability.
  • The owner-developer of one of the richest deposits in the world.
  • A catalyst for political and economic stability in the North Kivu region.
  • A mining company with the required expertise and determination to succeed.

Brief history : 

Formerly, Mwangachuchu Hizi International “MHI” in abbreviation, the advent of OHADA law, mainly in its requirement of conformity of all Congolese companies to OHADA processes,  latter will become, in 2014, the Mining Company of Bisunzu, of legal form SARL ;

The following video shows the company:

A company

For The Good OfThe Whole Community!

The local community strongly supports our activity as it creates jobs and promotes the development of support infrastructure in North Kivu. The operation of the site fundamentally transforms the local economy. According to our studies, will enable meaningful growth in the employment sector .

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  • The creation of employment with a view to promoting a Congolese middle class.
  • Total transparency in the mining sector and respect of diligency.
  • Growth in productivity and the added value of Congolese coltan while maximizing government revenue through the gradual industrialization of its operating area.


SMB’s mission is to become a leading company in the natural resources sector, providing high quality, non-conflict-free minerals, while ensuring value enhancement, total transparency in respect of the environment.


We are committed to contributing to the stability and development of economic activity in North Kivu while respecting local communities.

Founded in 2014, the SMB has quickly developed, tending towards a semi-industrialized activated especially by the acquisition of new machines. The objective of SMB is to put an end to the artisanal mining considered too dangerous to become totally semi-industrialized by 2020.

Human activities and the use of resources are not sustainable. The world is experiencing unprecedented levels of climate change, habitat degradation and pollution. Balancing economic growth and sustainable development is perhaps the greatest challenge of our time.
Our operating license rightly depends on the quality of our environmental management. We respect the value of our country’s natural resources. We consider the environmental impact of all our activities and innovate in reducing energy consumption and carbon emissions, responsible water management and waste reduction.
The materials we produce are essential to human progress, but we must produce them responsibly.

The SMB is the largest economic vector of the region, whole towns and villages live through the activity generated by the extraction of our minerals. This is why we strive to make every effort to promote these exchanges, particularly through the development of roads, the financing of social projects such as community radio or the acquisition of a mobile clinic. But we are also a protector of peace in order to preserve the community of rebel factions raging not far from the region.


SMB is a pioneering coltan exploration and exploitation company whose long-term vision offers many opportunities for economic growth for the region.

  • Exploration and extraction of coltan from one of the best coltan deposits in the world.

  • Supply, transport and logistics to put coltan on the market.

  • Involvement of the local community and improvement of conditions by our impact.

  • Exploitation of conflict-free resources and guarantee of transparency and traceability of minerals in the region.

Our Values

In an effort to be as transparent as possible, the SMB publishes regularly reports.


Put an end to the artisanal exploitation by equipping itself with the new technologies notably in the matter of extraction and traceability.


Our traceability methods guarantee absolute transparency. We regularly publish our activity reports to ensure this transparency.


The Bisunzu mines are some of the richest in coltan. (And their quality has made our reputation.) Ores destined for export are not below X% (?) Of tantalum content.


Actively reduce the impact of all our businesses on the environment. In particular by a continuous recycling of water.


In realizing its projects, SMB never compromises on security. Our philosophy is safety first and foremost. We fight every day to maintain the safety of the site and beyond.


The SMB is the largest economic vector of the region, whole towns and villages live thanks to the activity generated by the extraction of our minerals.

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