Business Ethics

Due to conflict in Eastern Congo SMB SARL had always sold minerals from its audited and approved mine in the territory of Masisi, North Kivu Province of Congo.

1. While waiting for independent tagging corporation, SMB SARL ensure a chain of custody of all kgs mined at SMB SARL concession all the way to final destination (buyers) thus, respecting traceability scheme required by Dodd-Frank law and OECD guidelines.

Miners  at SMB SARL concession are given orientation training that specifically explain issues of illegal mining, commingling of minerals whose origin is unknown or outside of the perimeters of SMB SARL concession as to make it clear that their jobs would be terminated if they do not comply with the guidelines.

2. No bribe or prostitution is allowed at SMB SARL perimeter and those who will solicit SMB SARL employees should be reported immediately to management.

For the purpose of transparency and good policies and business ethics:

SMB SARL will not support any employee or clients knowingly who profit, contribute or help facilitate:

  • i) any forced labor, or usage of minors.
  • ii) any form of discrimination based on ethnicity, religion or political affiliation.
  • iii) employment of women in the mining pits for the purpose of unearthing minerals, however, women are allowed like any other employee to apply for jobs available that does not require digging tranches in the mine
  • iv) no employee who has been convicted of grave human rights violations, such as sexual violence, mass killing will be allowed to work for the corporation.
  • v) SMB SARL buyers are required to be legitimate business owners with morals and business ethics; they should not be involved in money laundering or illegally selling arms to rebel groups.

For police des mines who aspire to work for SMB SARL, they must be  clean of any illegal activities in the mining sector, never received money from any corporation by illegally asking bribe, levying illegal taxes on civilians.